MYSTIS The Brand

You can't just stop time; you can't see it and you can't grasp it. What you can do is face time by seizing every moment, every touch, everything that feels you up and makes you whole. As time passes you let the moments that count remain with you. You are on a journey through untrodden paths that fill your life's quiver with experiences.

You remain full of zest for life and desire to explore the untrodden paths, which always lead you to risky behaviors and through which you make them your greatest assets by thriving. You make courage your ally and keep moving forward.

Your curiosity and confidence are sources of inspiration for all women who remain passionate, creative, and confident in themselves and all that they have to offer.

You are a confident woman who feels good in whatever she wears. A modern role model that respects and value’s herself, while at the same time injecting their feelings and ideas into the world with a radiant glow.

You know who you are, you know what you want, you know how to love, you know how to fight, and you know how to choose!

Because you have navigated the unknown, the mystery & every secret point so that you now know in depth. You have the Knowledge; you have the Experience...

You are Mystis!




[μύστις, - ῐδος] • Ancient Greek


Mystis, adjective, secretive, cryptic, deep connoisseur especially of a certain science or art, one who is experience in something.

About Rania Angelakou

Rania Angelakou started in 2021 to chart her own unique path in the field of fashion.

Being involved from a very young age, with fabrics, their unique and different textures, small threads, beautiful ribbons, and distinct colors, she herself began to be enchanted and inspired by the infinite design possibilities they offered.

Designing clothes was an imaginative and exciting game for her, which then turned into a special love for fashion and the creation of clothes.

The inspiration for original designs, the choice of fabrics, the pattern, and finally the sewing of a garment is a journey that constantly offers the joy of creation and completion. It is a unique and artistic process, as well as an eternal love, which expressed itself through MYSTIS.